Tres Hermanos Fairtrade Low-Acid Organic Coffee (Brazilian Bourbon Santos Dark Roast Ground, 2 lb)

We here at Tres Hermanos coffee believe that good coffee shouldn't be something you have to go to a high-end coffee shop for. It should be affordable and be ready for you when you don't have time to stop by your local specialty coffee shop. In 1982, three brothers built a coffee roasting company, with the sole purpose of providing a better caliber of coffee for the masses. For over 35 years, we have learned to perfect our roasting techniques to turn coffee roasting into an art-form. With our patented process of roasting, our custom handmade air-roasters use hot air to evenly roast the coffee, so your coffee won't be unevenly roasted while also removing 80% of the acidity in the coffee beans. With this method of roasting we create a well balanced non bitter coffee that's also easy on your teeth's enamel and gentle on your stomach. All of our organic coffee beans are sourced from only the best farms that pay their workers a fair wage for the coffee that's picked. Since we only source organic non GMO coffee beans, you can we rest assured that you won't be consuming foreign metals and chemicals from fertilizer. From our humble family company, we gratefully thank you for allowing us a chance to be a part of your coffee experience.
Dimensions: 236 x 520 x 902
Size: 2 lb
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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