Made in USA | Tamper for Espresso Coffee | by Purple Mountain | 58mm/53mm/51mm/49mm | Solid Stainless Steel | Heavy | Professional Barista Quality | …

When it comes to products like Espresso Tampers that come in contact with your food or drink make sure you are buying quality items that are not manufactured with junk materials containing heavy metals or other harmful compounds and platings or coatings that can flake off and contaminate what you consume. Purple Mountain manufactures all of their products in the USA with materials from the USA. Our tamper is: • 100% Made in America • 100% Solid stainless steel • Has no plating which will flake off and contaminate your coffee • Is very heavy (1.5lbs) requiring you to exert a little less pressure and therefore get more consistent tamps • Is dishwasher safe • Will balance upside down so that you can set it down flipped to keep the bottom clean and free of contaminants We have sizes to fit most machines (58 mm, 53 mm, 51 mm and 49 mm). If you are unsure of what the correct size is for your machine just ask in the questions and we will let you know.
Dimensions: 325 x 325 x 463
Size: 49 mm
Color: Silver
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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