Professional 49-58 Mm Coffee Espresso Tamper Base 100% 304 Stainless Steel (57mm)

From the Manufacturer: This tamper base is perfect for anyone who wants the weight and the correct pressure applied on the coffee powder. We know the importance of a quality espresso tamper to optimize a shot of espresso. These coffee tamper bases provide the quality you need with style at affordable price. You can make handle. Our bases are compatible with all major coffee tamper makers. Buy with confidence: I only use top quality material for all my work. I always ensure my customers are satisfied with their purchase and get quality for their money. Tamping is a very important step in the espresso making process. Tamping compresses the ground coffee, slowing the rate at which the espresso is extracted, liberating the full flavour of the coffee. Coffee prepared without tamping will tend to be watery, have a straw like flavour, and will lack crema. How to choose the right Tamper size? When choosing a tamper, it is important to select one with the diameter appropriate for your machine. If your tamper is too small for the basket, certain areas in your 'puk' will experience higher pressure than others, which will result in uneven extraction and a very unpleasant cup. There are two options : 1.To measure the baskit. This option is we do not recommende this option, because it needs an equipment this appropriate accuracy and skills to use it. 2. Find machine specification that describes the exact brand model or to contact the manufacturer of the coffee machine for that information. Please do not order the tamper/ base if you are not sure about the size! Thanks for viewing this item.
Dimensions: 100 x 240 x 290
Size: 57mm
Color: Silver
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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