Manual Coffee Grinder | Henry Charles Finest Collection | Brushed Stainless Steel with adjustable ceramic grinder | Compact size perfect for the home, office or traveling

Henry Charles Finest Collection is the Premium Choice for Kitchen & Homeware and Travel, known for its elegance, quality and uncompromising standards. Add a touch of luxury & style and most importantly convenience to your home, office or travels with this fantastic portable coffee grinder. Compact & Portable - enjoy anywhere Ideal for travel and the perfect size to fit in a bag, briefcase or rucksack allowing you to enjoy your perfect brew at home, in the office, traveling, hiking, camping, backpacking or on holiday Perfect for all types of coffee makers The Henry Charles Coffee Grinder is very versatile and the adjustable grinder allows you to decide how large or small you want the ground to be - meaning it can be used for any type of coffee maker. Adjustable Ceramic Grinder Our ceramic mechanism has hard wearing qualities which give high performance and deliver more coffee on each twist and more consistently than other grinders. The ceramic burr works exceptionally well in both dry and damp environments and can be adjusted with a simple turn of the knob. For a finer grind turn it clockwise, or for a more coarse texture, simply turn it anti-clockwise. ...Now sit down, relax and enjoy the brew...
Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 880
Condition: New

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