Stovetop Espresso Maker by COFFEEDDICTED | Italian Coffee Mocha Maker (6 Cup, Silver)

Further Product Features: EASY TO CLEAN: The Espresso Coffee Maker is trouble-free to assemble and every part is not difficult to clean. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: You want to brew moka coffee like a Barista? -We have you covered: There is a detailed and complete brewing guide included, that teaches you how to make the perfect Espreso or Mocha coffee. You are going to taste the difference right away when you make your first Espresso! WARRENTY: On our excellent Italian Styled Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker, we give you a hassle-free 2-Year Warranty. With this great Coffee Maker you can make the following coffee drinks Simple Espresso: Just prepare the coffee with this Espresso Maker and fill the Espresso in small cups - done! Latte Macchiato: Just simple add the Espresso in a glass with hot, foamed milk, mix it and enjoy your perfect morning coffee! Cold brew: Prepare the espresso coffee the night before, fill the expresso in a cup and leave it over night in the fridge. Next morning just add some ice, milk to the cold Espresso and voilá: You have a nice cold brew coffee!
Dimensions: 413 x 587 x 791
Color: Silver
Condition: New

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