Godmorn Espresso Coffee Tamper Barista Stainless Steel Base Solid Heavy Duty Coffee Bean Press with Wooden Handle 57.5mm

Product Features: - The Dalbergia odorifera Wood Elegance Handles are individually turned, polished and varnished to perfection. - They are ergonomically designed for a perfect grip, easy handling and to minimize wear and tear. - The tamper is commercial style and features a 57.5mm flat end. - A tamper is used when brewing espresso, either in a machine or a stovetop espresso maker. This small tool is essential for packing the coffee grounds so you get the best shot of espresso possible. Product Specifications: - Deluxe stainless steel coffee tamper - for use with all types of espresso and coffee machines - Coffee that is compressed in the filter cup slows the flow of water through the beans, meaning that more flavor is extracted - making for a more satisfying cup - A quality coffee tamper can make the world of difference to the end result, a great gift for any coffee lover - Dishwasher safe Diameter: Ø57.5mm (2.26") Height: 90mm (3.54") Weight: 370g Package Included: 1 x Espresso Coffee Tamper
Dimensions: 591 x 713 x 850
Color: Wood
Condition: New

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