Bialetti - Mini Express Espresso Maker 1 Cup Blue & 1 Bicchierini Pop Coffee Cup

This Bialetti Mini Express set consists of a 1 cup Mini Express stove top espresso coffee maker in blue with a Pop Bicchierini coffee cup. Please note that this cup size is based on espresso cup sizes and not on regular tea or coffee cup sizes. The Mini Express espresso coffee maker works like the original Moka Express; you fill the bottom tank with water and fill the funnel with coffee. Then screw on the top column and place direct on stove top. Place the cup under the spout and your espresso will be ready in 4-5 minutes. The coffee maker is suitable for all hobs except induction. It should be hand washed only. The porcelain Bicchierini Espresso Coffee cup has a thick side to retain heat. It is 6.4cm/2.5in high with an upper diameter of 6.3cm/2.4in.
Dimensions: 291 x 638 x 772
Size: 1 Cup
Color: Blue
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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