TopHomer Espresso Coffee Maker Moka Pot 6 Cup Machine With Large Handle To Prevent Burns Induction Coffee Cooker for Home and Office Use

Specifications: Voltage: 6 Cup Strong and sturdy Colour:Colour:Black and White Fit for any type of ground coffee Perfect for making dark strong coffee Sturdy aluminium absorbs heat quickly, so you can make fresh espresso quickly. Suitable for gas, electric and camping stoves Note: Induction Safe - Yes Dishwasher Safe - No Hand Wash - Yes 1.For the most exquisite taste,use filtered water 2.he water can not exceed the level of safety valve 3.If use a gas stovetop,make sure the flame is not larger than the bottom of the pot Cleaning Instructions: Just simply rinse and wash the individual part after using.Must keep it dry after washing.Can not wash it with detergent or Acid and alkaline detergent
Dimensions: 472 x 630 x 748
Color: Starry Sky
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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