The Best of Coffee: A Cookbook

Robust, fragrant, and surprisingly versatile, coffee is more than simply the world's favorite beverage, it is hearty and distinctive ingredient in its own right, enhancing the flavors of everything from cakes and cookies to candies, ice creams, and sauces.In The Best of Coffee, Sandra Gluck has selected the perfect blend of over 40 tantalizing recipes to celebrate coffee's delicious variety. Its rich, full-bodied flavor and complex nuances are showcased in traditional Mud Pie, Mocha Brownies, and Hazelnut- Espresso Biscotti, as well as in exciting new twists on classics such as Coconut Custard, Spiced Madeleines, and Mocha Fudge Sauce. Start your day with Mile-High Pecan Sticky Buns or Coffee and Cream Scones, and satisfy your sweet-tooth with favorites like Espresso Caramels, Coffee-Nut Brittle, and Chocolate-Caramel Truffles. And, of course, you'll find over a dozen of the world's hottest (and coolest) drinks, from Viennese Coffee, Cappuccino, and Turkish Coffee to Iced Mocha and Coffee Ice Cream Soda.With sumptuous full-color photographs and a glossary containing practical information on brewing, roasts, and grinds, The Best of Coffee is a tribute to the world's most celebrated and sophisticated bean.
Dimensions: 43 x 688 x 706

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