London Coffee

It’s no secret that London is addicted to coffee. In the UK alone, some fifty-fivemillion cups are consumed each day. This newfound public interest has spawnedhundreds of coffee shops, specialty roasters, and even dedicated festivals. It is,however, often forgotten that London has a history of coffeehouses dating backto the 1650s―populatedby intellectuals, writers and businessmen, these werehothouses of debate, community-gatheringplaces, and the birthplace of business.Some of these historic places are still around, flush with their vintage charmand scuffed vinyl seating. In London, they now sit alongside new Scandinavian-stylecoffee shops, small-batchroasters who serve steaming cups in their workshops,and Italian-stylecafés passed down through generations. London is home tosome of the world’s best and most interesting coffeehouses―LondonCoffee tellstheir stories.
Dimensions: 110 x 677 x 882
Condition: New

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