Calibrated Espresso Tamper (grooved, small handle)

The ultimate tamper for even, risk-free and consistent tamping How you compress your coffee grinds determines the quality of the coffee you will get. But in conventional tampers, there is absolutely no indication as to whether or not you applied enough pressure. And then there's the common, untamped ring of coffee that you usually end up with because the tamper and the portafilter basket don't fit snuggly. All of this taken together leads to inconsistent results for home users as well as coffee shops, where each team member may tamp differently or even altogether wrong. Also, as many baristas will tell you, the risk of injuries and chronic wrist pain with conventional tampers is considerable. After having suffered those same difficulties and failed to consistently produce great coffee, Decent Espresso founder John Buckman set out to reinnovate all of the major barista accessories. Together with an award-winning engineer, coffee guru Scott Rao and the input and from 23 professional baristas, he innovated and tested what we'd call "the hell out of" all important coffee accessories. One of the results, the Decent Tamper, will help you tamp your coffee consistently, avoid untamped rings, and reduce the risk of injury. This is achieved through an ergonomic and solid build, a precisely calibrated tamper (25lb) and a portafilter basket that fits this tamper perfectly. The tamper was also designed to make it easy to switch springs, which will enable you to also go for 30lb springs or to simply swap them out once they become easier. Give it a try and enjoy level and perfect tamping at a reduced risk!
Size: grooved, small handle
Condition: New

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