Espresso Tamper, Flat Based Espresso Tamper for 58mm Portafilter. Perfect Espresso Every Time. Hefty Stainless-Steel Base Tamper with Solid Round-Handled by MerrySeason

Product Description Espresso Tamping is the act of compressing the coffee grounds into a "puck" of coffee prior to extraction. It is often neglected in espresso preparation.  In order to get flavorful and excellent cup of joe, you should strive to create a hard and evenly tamped puck of coffee which the hot water from the espresso machine will penetrate evenly. In order to get a reproducible result, you should learn and practice to apply a consistently tamping pressure very time you prepare for your espresso. Tamping with cheaper plastic tamper that comes with your commercial espresso machine is not recommended. Our Tamper is a premium product: - Precision machined high grade hefty stainless-steel base. - Flat tamping for evenly tamped puck for rich flavor. - Suitable for most 58mm diameter filter baskets. - Sturdy and heavy-duty handle with ergonomic shaped grip.  
Color: Black
Condition: New

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