Coffee Maker Espresso Gas/Electric Stove Heat Resistant Handle Home Office Camping Portable Use 4 cups by PetriStor

The coffee maker consists of three parts: a lower water tank, a filter and a top for ready-made coffee. In the lower department, pour the water into the strainer of the upper section, pour in the ground coffee. After putting on the stove. Water, heated, under pressure, rises through the tube, irrigates coffee and seeps into the lower capacity of the coffee machine. So you get a fresh and fragrant espresso. Advantages of Espresso-maker: Light and compact; Stylish appearance; Easy to use; Significant savings on purchased coffee; You choose the type of coffee and you can experiment with taste; Made of stainless steel, will last you for many years.
Dimensions: 472 x 551 x 787
Color: Gray
Condition: New

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