Coffee Maker Aluminum Italian Moka Pot 6 cup by PetriStor

"Coffee maker A-plus is made of cast aluminum. The coffee maker consists of two interconnected containers and is equipped with an aluminum percolator filter that preserves the aroma of coffee. A comfortable handle is made of strong bakelite. This model is extremely simple to use, it lacks moving parts and heating elements, so there is nothing to break it. Geyser coffee makers are the most popular in the world and allow you to prepare fragrant coffee in a matter of minutes. The main principle of the operation of the geyser coffee machine is that the beverage is brewed by passing hot water through a layer of ground coffee. Boiling, the water begins to evaporate and turns into steam. The excess steam pressure at the bottom of the coffee machine squeezes hot water through the ground coffee and, by the analogy of the geyser, gets into the upper compartment, where it is collected in the finished coffee. The coffee making time in the geyser coffee machine is about 5 minutes. The coffee machine can be used on all types of plates, except induction.Product specifications: A-PLUS geyser coffee maker for 6 Type: coffee maker; View: geyser; Material: aluminum; Material of handles: bakelite; Height: 22 cm; Diameter of the base: 10 cm."
Dimensions: 433 x 571 x 787
Color: Gray
Condition: New

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