VonShef Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker with 4 Glass Demitasse Cups, Stainless Steel, 6 Cup

VonShef 6 Cup Espresso Maker with 4 Cups Master the art of making deliciously authentic espressos with the VonShef Stainless Steel Espresso Maker. Extremely easy to use, this espresso maker will make pricey coffee shop trips a thing of the past - enjoy freshly made coffee within a small matter of minutes. Whether you need a strong caffeine fix to kick start your day, or a tasty pick-me-up after lunch, this will become your go-to appliance. Make 6 Cups at Once Make up to 6 cups at once - save some for later, or treat friends or family to a full-bodied coffee. Made from premium polished stainless steel with easy-grip curved handle - it won't taint the taste or aroma of espressos. Comes complete with 4 X 100ml (3.5 fl oz) glass demitasse cups, so you can savor the taste and aroma of rich espresso right away. Simple to Use Simple but effective - just add water and ground coffee to the appliance and place on your warm stove top. The Espresso Maker then draws water from its base via a stainless steel filter, where it's infused with coffee grounds. Also great for making Americano-style black coffee. Suitable for use on gas & electric stove tops Compact & Quick Clean Dismantles easily for quick cleaning - hand wash only. Compact design measures approx. 7.8 X 5.4 X 4.3 Inches - perfect for use at home or taking on your travels.
Dimensions: 520 x 990 x 1520
Size: 6 Cup with demitasse cups
Color: Silver
Condition: New

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