UhoMEy Espresso Stovetop Coffeemakers, Aluminum Moka Coffee Pot, 1-Cup, 3-Cup, 6-Cup, 9-Cup

Products Features: The stovetop espresso moka pot can let you to be a barista at home, just within 5 minutes,you can enjoy a cup of rich, full-bodied flavor coffee Capacity: 1 Cup (50ml)                   3 Cup(150ml)                   6 Cup(300ml)                   9 Cup(450ml) Material: Aluminum Just to make delicioue coffee ad home! Products Description: About the usage: This stovetop espresso maker brews under a mild pressure, which the principle is high temperature steam extraction of coffee, just forcing hot water up from the base through ground coffee then into the top carafe in just minutes Firstly, Fill up the lower part  with water but to avoid that water surpasses the safety valve. Secondly, Place the ground coffee inside the funnel with slight pressure. Do not use malt or coffees with other substances which may obturate the filter orifices. Thirdly, Keep the coffeemaker in upright position, then open fire; Bubbling to coffee brewed coffee began when groove, when trough coffee to spout under 0.5 centimeters, almost no water in the sink, can turn off the fire Note: Please clean the coffee pot body and the tube timely by taking off the rubber ring and the filter, Never use any soap or detergent.
Color: 1-Cup
Condition: New

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