Tritrusten Stovetop Espresso Pot Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Maker (6 cup)

     ♥  Love is waking to the Tritrusten of freshly made coffee. This stovetop espresso maker is made to serve you savoring the moment with an fresh cup of espresso.EASY 3-STEP OPERATION -Step 1.Fill the lower pot with water(cold or warm,depends on your needs), Step2.Fill the stainless steel funnel with coffee grounds(medium or fine recommended, like illy moka, lavazza espresso, no need to tamp), Step 3. Put on a cooktop and heat up with small or medium power setting, when it stops the gurgling sound after minutes, you can start enjoying a fresh cup of espresso instantly or make some coffee art like cappuccino or latte.MOST COMPATIBLE&VERSITLE USES - Fit for most cooktops, use small or medium fire to ensure stable performance. For use on gas stove, check and make sure the diameter of the pot's base can fit on your stove rack before choosing the size.For use on induction, make sure to use on cooktops with a max. diameter of 4"(no larger). Can also be used as a butter infuser, infusing butters in just minutes!Before using your coffee maker for the first time, dismantle it and clean all the elements with water and bicarbonate. See the section on cleaning. We recommed that you carry out a few test runs before making your first cup of real coffee,in order to enable the different elements to become impregnated with the Tritrusten. Do remember, it is important for any stainless steel cookware to clean and dry thoroughly each time after use. Becareful with sharp edge on the lid when cleaning, do not use chemical orabrasive products, such as metallic scourers, which may deteriorate the surface of the appliance,a soft sponge or cloth will be recommended. Don't close it untilis totally dry.
Dimensions: 433 x 551 x 787
Size: 6 cup
Color: Shining
Condition: New

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