Lavanta Coffee Roasters Nicaragua Jinotega SHG Green Direct Trade Coffee, 2lb

Cup characteristics: this Nicaragua Jinotega las camellia shag Arabica coffee is known for its' beautiful chocolate and nutty flavors, medium to full body, syrupy and ripe fruit flavors. It has a toasted cocoa finish with earthy undertones. Medium body, low acidity and beautifully balanced. Nicaragua was introduced to coffee by the catholic missionaries in the 1790s and since has been intertwined in the history of the country. Coffee production grew rapidly to increase the economic growth of the country. When the coffee prices dropped in the late 1990s, many coffee farmers had deserted their land, but thanks to international aid and dedicated farmers coming together to form fair trade coffee cooperatives, Nicaragua is able to share their specialty coffees with those around the world. The best Nicaraguan coffees are normally grown in the center and north of the country and at high altitudes. The strictly high grown shag coffee is among the best quality Nicaragua coffee you can get. Coffee grown at high altitudes are known as being the best because it increases the acidity of the bean, and because of the high altitude, the nights are often cooler which slows down the maturity of the coffee plant allowing the beans to develop to a more mature flavor.
Dimensions: 230 x 560 x 650
Size: 32 oz
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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