Coffee Maker with Grinder, Minghaidi Mini Portable Espresso Manual Coffee Maker Machine, Small Travel Coffee Machine [No Battery, No Electronic Power ] for Office Home Outdoor (black)

♥ Are you looking for a amazing Christmas Gift for your friends or family members who love Coffee? Ming Haidi Coffee Maker will be your best Choice!♥ ♥ How To Make Different Delicious Tastes ♥ *Press 13 times:Ristretto *Press 18 times:Espresso *Press 28 times:Double Espresso *Water+Espresso=American coffee *Milk+Espresso=Latte *Milk+Chocolate+Espresso=Mocha ♥ Product Specification ♥ *Dimensions: 7.2 x 2.6 inches *Weight: 1.1 Lb. *Max capacity: 80ml *Best Water temperature: 104-140℉ *The required pressure: 8 bar *Color: Black *Material: Food Grade plastic *Special Features: Manual ♥ Pay Your Attention ♥ 1. Hot water do not be added too much, otherwise there will be water overflow. 2. Coffee powder concentration and compaction should be appropriate. Too thick powder taste bitter, too fine powder resistance is too large, which may damage the pump. 3. Soaking coffee maker with low temperature water for a while, it will effective to clean the coffee powder.
Dimensions: 290 x 390 x 800
Size: big
Color: Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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