Kombucha Pro - Liquid Probiotics Supplement, Organic Kombucha Extract with Living Probiotics – (1-2 Month Supply) 1oz, Money-back Guarantee

Improve your digestion and experience the benefits of a 5,000 year old natural remedy known to ancient Chinese medicine as the "cure to the common cold and more" with GetKombucha® Pro extract. GetKombucha® Pro is the only Kombucha extract that provides all of the natural health boosting benefits of Kombucha Tea, without the bulk, unpleasant taste, or cost. Kombucha is known by many to effectively help... -Balance probiotics in your GI tract -Promote total body detoxification -Increase your alkalinity -Boost your immune system -Increase metabolism -And Much, Much More! Natural and alternative health experts recommend using Kombucha to solve a variety of common health problems, from probiotic GI tract balancing to weight loss, now you can... Enjoy The Only Kombucha Extract That Contains Beneficial Living Probiotics Kombucha extracts are a popular alternative to brewed and fermented liquid teas. The only problem is that freeze drying (for pills) or high temperature extractions (for other liquids) destroy the beneficial probiotics that balance your GI flora and provide immune system boosting benefits. We've developed the world's first and only cold press extraction technique to maintain living probiotics in GetKombucha® Pro! Boost Your Immune System, Improve Blood Flow, Balance Your GI Tract And More While Saving $150 Per Month! Empty The Bottle Money-Back Guarantee!... Try GetKombucha® at home today and use the entire bottle (a 60 day supply). If you're not satisfied that the living cultures have improved your health, we'll send your money back!
Dimensions: 170 x 260 x 540
Size: 1 pack
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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