Java Chews, Premium Flavored Coffee Pouches, No Tobacco, No Nicotine Smokeless Alternative, Caramel, French Vanilla, Mocha, & Wintergreen Variety Pack (4 Cans)

Why Brew When You Can Chew?Chews WiselyKick the nic. Keep the bold. Dip into something new with flavored-coffee Java Chews, the nicotine-free alternative to chew with an easy caffeine buzz. Take a can anywhere, for a pouch of pick-me-up anytime.Ditch the dipJava Chews is the new tool to tackle nicotine. Get big bold coffee taste with a caffeine kicker. All in perfect-portion, single-serving pouches. No measuring. No mess. Whenever you get the urge for snuff, chew on this instead.The science behind the successAddiction isn’t just chemical. It’s about the habits we form, too. Now you don’t have to change your routine to change the game. Chewing tobacco is a health concern, but it’s difficult to quit when there isn’t a satisfying alternative. Why not develop an affordable, great tasting tobacco alternative? We researched and realized coffee mimics the habits of chew. After trial and error, we finally created a chew substitute product, that would give a satisfying sensation without the health risks of tobacco.And Java Chews was bornJava Chews is a tobacco and nicotine-free alternative to tobacco chew with a caffeine lift. It has the delicious flavors of coffee, from the sweet and bold flavor of Mocha to the fresh tingle of Winter Mint, with the kick of caffeine to give you that tobacco sensation. All in perfect-portion, single-serving pouches.So go ahead, chew wisely.
Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 375
Size: 4 Cans
Condition: New

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