Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Measuring Scoop | 1-Pack | 1floz / 30ml | Plus Coffee eBook

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Measuring Scoops for Heroic and Courageous Coffee Lovers Everywhere. OK, so these are only measuring scoops. They won’t win any design awards. Don’t expect to see them on The Letterman Show anytime soon. They can’t tell you what the weather will be like tomorrow. If they were a Kickstarter project, they wouldn’t reach their target. Say what you like about them, but they’re good, honest bits of kit. They like the simple life. They don’t have a hobby (they’re inanimate objects) but if they did, they’d probably enjoy fishing or whittling stuff or something like that. If they were capable of emotion, they would want you to be happy. They’d be happiest measuring out nice accurate doses of coffee. They would want you to happy too. And you would be. Because you’d be enjoying the best cup of coffee you’d ever had in your entire life. 2 Tablespoon - ⅛ Cup - 1floz - 30ml Approximately 10g / 0.35oz Whole Bean • Length: 5.4” / 14cm • Height: 1” / 2.5cm • Width: 1.5” / 3.8cm For some people, one scoop will be enough. But if you want to make TWICE AS MUCH COFFEE and SAVE MONEY, choose the cheaper 2-pack option.
Dimensions: 201 x 201 x 618
Size: Medium
Color: Stainless Steel
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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