QcoQce Manual Coffee Grinder - Adjustable Hand Grinder - Ceramic Conical Burr Mill - Mini Portable Home Kitchen Travel Coffee Bean Grinder / Coffee Mill - Perfect Gift for Every Coffee Lover

Why Choose QcoQce Manual Coffee Grinder * Wide opening for easy refilling and cleaning. * Top-mounted crank handle for better stability. *40mm ceramic conical burr for a consistent grind. *16 coarseness settings compatible with any brew methods. *50g capacity hopper contains enough coffee beans for 5 cups. *Sturdy plastic jar with sticky pad for effortless grinding experience. *Triple mounted stainless steel axle to eliminate burr wobble and provide more stability while grinding. 16 Grind Settings: Turn the adjustment ring to reach the perfect coarseness for your coffee, there is an extra level between each number for a total of 16 coarseness settings. Easy To Clean: It takes seconds to disassemble QcoQce manual coffee grinder, all parts are washable, no tools required. Package Includes: 1 x QcoQce Coffee Grinder 1 x User Manual 1 x Exquisite gift boxes Tips: Do not grind anything but roasted coffee beans. Do not use an electric drill to power the grinder. Shake or turn the handle in reverse to dislodge any stuck beans. Any problem, please feel free to contact us.
Dimensions: 366 x 504 x 933
Size: hand coffee grinder coffee grinder mill Hand Grin
Color: Burr grinder Great little grinder
Condition: New

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