MidasTM Midas Upgrade-Grind - Strongest and Heaviest Duty Portable Conical Burr Mill, Whole Bean Manual Coffee Grinder for French Press, Turkish, Handheld Mini, K Cup, Brushed Stainless Steel

Midas are glad that you have decided to step up your coffee game with the best coffee grinder available ! Coffee shops all over the world have known for years that the key to a great cup of coffee is to use freshly ground coffee beans and the best coffee maker. Star your traveling and camping period for your coffee time.Grind coffee with our coffee mill for your Aeropress, French Press, drip coffee maker, espresso machine or more.★FEATURESSmall, Lightweight, & Portable: It is easy to carry around and make your coffee from a fresh grind anywhere you like without a hassle!Consistent Grind Size: With a 24-gram capacity. This device produces the most consistent grind you can imagine. you may even use this for grinding spices or herbs!Easy to Use & Maintain: It is a simple and sleek design that will allow you to use it immediately without much instruction and a quick wipe after usage is all that is needed to keep it clean. The handle is easy to turn and grinds your coffee beans quickly and simply.Durable: It is a heavy duty stainless steel product, and you can be assured that this grinder will last you for a long time.Coffee Mill on the Go: This pocket size handheld coffee grinder is your to go buddy for quick and instant coffee.
Dimensions: 244 x 244 x 898
Color: Silver
Condition: New

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