ETHDA Stovetop Espresso Maker, Moka Pot, Coffee Maker for Italian Cappuccino, Latte, Good for Gas or Electric Stovetop, Silver, Aluminum, Extra Gasket Included, Strong Handle,Gift for Mom (9 Cup)

Size:9-Cup Based on a traditional design, it is a time proven preference for a truly delicious coffee. Great gift for coffee lover on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas. Uses Remove the top part and the filter funnel, fill the lower part with cold fresh water. Make sure not to fill past the safety valve. Fill the filter funnel with fresh ground coffee. Do not compress. Put the filter funnel back into the lower part and screw the top part back on. Place the pot on stove on a low heat. Turn the stove down when coffee finishes bubbling up from the filter funnel and wait for the upper section to fill. You will notice it go quiet as this process completes. Remove the mocha pot from stovetop and serve the delicious Italian coffee. Enjoy Your Recipe Espresso/Italian Coffee – pour coffee from your moka pot into your cup and drink it. Espresso is a short, strong, and rich tasting coffee. Americano – Pour a tall shot of espresso into a mug, add hot water almost to the top, and then depending on your taste add some milk and sugar. Latte – Heat up about 3/4 of a mug of milk. Pour a tall shot of espresso into hot milk, and enjoy. Mocha – Stir a teaspoon of cocoa powder into the milk after heating, then add in espresso. Note DO NOT use soap. DO NOT put it in dishwasher. DO NOT place hot espresso maker on unprotected surface. Never use the pot without water. Only use coarsely ground coffee. DO NOT use instant coffee. DO NOT touch pot body when hot. If discoloration or deposits form inside the base, use a mixture of water and vinegar to remove stains. DO NOT use steel wool or abrasive products to clean.
  • Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.37 pounds
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  • ASIN: B07B24Z36G
  • Date first listed on Amazon: February 24, 2018
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