JustNile 5 Cup Tabletop Siphon (Syphon) Coffee Maker

MAKING YOUR OWN COFFEE WITH THIS QUALITY AND EASY-TO-USE SIPHON COFFEE MAKER Something unique, something different for the coffee aficionado in the household. Works on expansion and contraction of water vapor. Grounds are put in the top container and water in the bottom. As the water heats up it evaporates into the top container with the coffee. Remove from heat and the coffee gets filtered back into the bottom globe via a vacuum force created by the cooling. Remove the top and pour, it takes less than 10 minutes. How To Use: Grind your coffee beans to the texture your prefer. Put up your coffee siphon parts together. Boil a kettle of hot water and pour it into the bottom glass. Then, tilt the upper glass when light up the burner. Put the upper glass at the straight position when water is boiled. Pour the coffee powder into the upper glass. Slowly stir the powder and let it sit of "45" seconds then give it a second stir. After one minute and thirty seconds, you may remove the burner. Remove the upper glass and place it in its convertible lid/stand, and you can pour and enjoy the delicious coffee made all by yourself!
Dimensions: 580 x 660 x 1670
Color: Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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