VonShef 3 Cup Italian Espresso Coffee Maker Stove Top Moka Macchinetta

Stovetop Espresso Moka Macchinetta Size Information Moka Macchinetta Stovetop Espresso Pots come in various sizes, based on the number of 50ml (1.7-oz) espresso cups they produce. 3 Cup Espresso Cups: 3 Milliliters: 200 Fl oz: 6.5 6 Cup Espresso Cups: 6 Milliliters: 300 Fl oz: 10 9 Cup Espresso Cups: 9 Milliliters: 400 Fl oz: 12 12 Cup Espresso Cups: 12 Milliliters: 500 Fl oz: 17 Volumes quoted are 'max boiler capacity' and final coffee yield will be slightly less The VonShef Espresso Macchinetta is the most authentic way to make delicious espresso coffee in the comfort of your own home. Made from aluminium, this quality machine draws water from the base through a funnel filter where it infuses with the ground coffee, before passing up into the top section of the Macchinetta, to be collected. The method of making espresso produces a thicker, higher concentrated coffee that is packed with energy; for this reason espressos are widely consumed throughout the world as part of a morning wake up routine or as a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Once you have tasted an espresso made using the VonShef Espresso Macchinetta you will never want to go back to conventional coffee making methods! VonShef Espresso Machinetta Care Information For best results, use medium grind coffee. Don't compress the coffee down into the funnel as this will affect the performance of the machine. Warm the pot on a low heat (do not let it reach boiling point and take care that the handle doesn't melt) and remove as soon as the coffee reaches the top of the pot. Enjoy your freshly brewed, great tasting coffee! To clean, unscrew the pot and rinse with tap water, do not use detergents or a dishwasher.
Dimensions: 394 x 472 x 638
Size: 3 Cup
Color: Silver
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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