Manual Coffee Grinder,Ceramic Burr ,Stainless Steel, Perfect for Camping, By KitchenV. Get Yours NOW!

Every coffee drinker knows that the key to the best tasting cup of joe is freshly ground beans and coffee grinding is now thankfully easier than ever before! For your convenience, our manual coffee grinder is compatible with espresso machines and cappuccino brewing systems. Use it to produce coffee grounds for your AeroPress, Turkish coffee maker, percolator, Chemex or drip machine. Each order also comes with a , which is perfect for transferring your coffee grounds from your container to the filter or brew basket. Instructions For Use: Open the grinder by removing the turn handle. Pour whole coffee beans into the chamber. Replace the lid and crank the handle. Remove the capped cover. Dispense your ground coffee Well, what are you waiting for? Order your KitchenV Manual Coffee Grinder before this awesome deal ends. Click 'ADD TO CART' now!
Dimensions: 250 x 490 x 890
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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