Coletti COL107 Complete 10 Piece Pour Over Coffee Set

Experience the finer side of coffee with this all-in-one kit! Designed for the home barista, it has everything you need to make a flavorful pour-over brew right in your kitchen. Are you a self-proclaimed "coffee snob"-or do you know one? Indulge your java obsession with the Coletti Complete Pour-Over Coffee Making Set! Pour-over coffee (also called hand-drip) involves pouring a slow, steady flow of hot water over freshly ground beans, which allows the grinds to absorb flavors much better than conventional brewing methods. This technique is spreading across artisanal coffee shops like wildfire. But now, instead of only being able to enjoy this delicacy at pricey cafes, you can savor it in the comfort of your own home. Our comprehensive kit has all the tools for making fresh, delicious pour-over coffee. You get: • Stainless Steel Kettle with Temperature Gauge • Ceramic Dripper • Stainless Steel Ceramic Burr Grinder • Heavyweight Classic Diner Mug • 2 Coffee Measuring Spoons (1 tbsp. & 2 tbsp.) • 2 Bamboo Stir Spoons • Solid Wood Grinder Cleaning Brush • Fridge Magnet with Pour-Over Coffee Making Instructions • 40-Pack of Brown Paper #2 Filters The Coletti Complete Pour-Over Coffee Making Set is expertly designed and produced using the finest-quality materials. You can start brewing as soon as you take everything out of the package! Makes a delightful gift for the discriminating coffee drinker or aspiring barista (and don't forget to get a set for yourself!). Click 'Add to Cart' to buy now!
Dimensions: 800 x 1180 x 1240
Color: Stainless Steel
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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