Sumatra Lintong Arabica, Unroasted Green Coffee Beans (3 LB)

Used as the base of many of our custom blends, this Arabica has a wonderful warm aroma and smooth, low-acid taste that nonetheless has the desirable "edge" that sharpens the palate. When ground fine, it makes a really exceptional espresso. The island of Sumatra has a unique geography, featuring high plateaus with steep drop-offs to the ocean. The combination supports several prized heirloom varieties of coffee, including this Arabica from the Lintong growing region located near Lake Toba. This Sumatra Lintong gains much of its unique character from its processing methods, which involve a partial wet-process followed by a three stage drying cycle which "cures" the unroasted bean. Purchased direct from producer who supports the community.
Dimensions: 400 x 850 x 1275
Size: 3 LB
Condition: New

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