Ogawa Coffee shop Ogawa premium blend beans 180g

Ogawa Coffee was founded in 1952. In raised trained in the tradition of Kyoto harsh taste, we have received your support from people who love coffee. Born from the craftsmanship uncompromising, please enjoy the taste and aroma that is polished. Sinceitsfoundationin1952, OGAWACOFFEEhasgrownupinthestrictculinarycultureofKyotowiththespiritofcoffeeartisans.Pleaseenjoyourcoffee'saccomplishedtasteandflavor. "ARK-OGAWA" is Ogawa Coffee dedicated coffee beans. Each of the producing countries, coffee appraiser performs TPA test for each harvest, it is coffee beans of proof that meet Ogawa coffee own criteria. The TPA test, during the first harvest (TypeSample), shipping when (Pre-ShipmentSample), is a taste test to be performed at the time of arrival in Japan (ActualSample). After Mix process: In order to maximize the properties of taste, after roasting to fit the conditions of each of the coffee beans are blended. To release special valve gas of ?special valved packaging? package front, to prevent outside air from entering, and keeps the coffee flavor. Bag you may expand or contract under the influence of gas and temperature generated from coffee, but no problem in quality. ?How to use? per per capita (cup 120cc), of 7 ~ 10g coffee (powder) is an appropriate amount. Amount of coffee, please increase or decrease to your liking. Coffee maker, siphon, paper filter, making it ideal for any of the instrument.
Dimensions: 197 x 335 x 531
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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