4 LBS - GUATEMALA IN A BURLAP BAG- Farm: Finca Nueva Granada, Bourbon, Strictly Hard Bean, 1800m,Dark Chocolate Cinnamon, Specialty-Grade Green Unroasted Whole Coffee Beans, for Home Coffee Roasters

SMOKINBEANS is an award-winning family-run coffee supplier specializing in specialty-grade coffee beans for home roasters. * ROASTING INSTRUCTIONS: Roasting coffee beans to perfection is truly an art, a distinct set of skills a person will develop over time with experience. Anyone can enjoy roasting coffee beans at home in your spare time. Coffee can easily be roasted using common household items that you may already have, including-in the oven, a pan on the stovetop, bbq grill, heat gun, hot-air popcorn popper, etc. Roasting the beans requires a strong heat source to bring them to your desired level of roast color or doneness. *SENSORY MILESTONES: As the beans heat up they will slowly change color from green to yellow to brown. During this time, you will pass certain sensory millstones. As they begin to change from green to yellow they will smell like hay or grass. This is the drying phase (you are drying the moisture out of the bean and laying the flavor-foundation that you will build upon later in the roast). As they change from yellow to brown they will smell like baking bread. (in this phase you are building acidity and sweetness) Then at approximately 352*F (depending on your temperature probe and probe placement) they will begin first crack (it sounds like popcorn popping) at this point in the roast the beans have roasted enough to use to brew a cup of coffee. You can continue roasting the beans until you reach your desired roast level. Second crack begins at approximately 392*F. after this the dark roast tastes will intensify quickly. * APPROX.PULLTEMPS: First Crack 352*F Extremely Light Roast - 362*F Light Roast - 372*F City Roast - 382*F City Plus - 392*F Medium Roast - 402*F Dark Roast - 412*F French Roast - 422*F Italian Roast. (These temps will vary by machine probe and placement) * COOLING: As soon as you pull the roast you will need to cool them as quickly as possible to prevent further roasting. (Stirring on a cookie sheet with a fan works great!)
Size: 4-Pound
Condition: New

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