Caffe Borbone Respresso - NESPRESSO Compatible Espresso Capsules - The real traditional ITALIAN coffee from Napoli - Made in Italy (Miscela Oro, 100 Capsules)

Coffee CAPSULES for NESPRESSO compatible machines. This THE real Italian Espresso from Napoli, produced and individually packed in Italy in a protective environment. Why Borbone is the BEST Italian coffee - according to Italians? Because it's from NAPOLI, home of the Espresso and of the Italian coffee tradition A brief comparison of the various blends: MISCELA ORO: 100% Arabica beans for the true connoisseur. Mild, smooth and refined. Less caffeine with tones of sugar, fruit and berries. Delicious as an after dinner coffee. MISCELA BLU: For the coffee lover who enjoys the quality of Arabica but also a small intense note of extraordinary. Balanced, full-bodied taste and creamy at the same time. Perfectly toasted to give you a unique delicate taste MISCELA ROSSA: Strong, decisive, full-bodied, sharp taste. This blend has a higher percentage of Robusta composition. Just right to give you an energy boost. The ultimate expression of the Neapolitan tradition. MISCELA NERA: The unique Black Blend created to offer quality and convenience MISCELA VERDE/DEK: Born to amaze. Thanks to Caffe Borbone's technology, this blend retains cream, body, taste and the sweetness of the perfect espresso but....decaffeinated.
Dimensions: 756 x 913 x 1142
Size: 100 Capsules
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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