Instant ARABIC Green Coffee With Cardamom, Saffron, Ginger, or Cloves (Cardamom)

INSTANT ARABIC GREEN COFFEE FROM KIF ALMOSAFER NOW YOU CAN PREPARE YOUR FAVORITE TRADITIONAL ARABIC COFFEE WITH INSTANTS ! JUST POUR IT, STIR IT AND ENJOY. ARABIC GREEN COFFEE is the strongest kind among all other kinds of coffee. It has gained its reputation because of its composition and benefits. It is a traditional beverage in Arabian culture. Traditionally, at home or for special occasions. Served in front of guests, it is often consumed with Dates or Candied Fruit. PREPARATION: Put the coffee into a cup , then put 150 ml of boiled water. After that enjoy the original Arabic coffee. NOTE: The ingredients do not dissolve 100%. After stirring let it rest and settle on the bottom of the cup or use a strainer to remove the remaining grounds. INGREDIENTS : Heat treatment coffee, Cardamom, Saffron, Mastic, Ansha, Coconuts, Cloves, Milk Protein, Ginger, Creamer, Glucose. - Help you to Stay awake with good attention - Help you to Lose weight - Help you to Refresh your memory- One Envelope is for 1 cup (150ml) The box has 12 sachets One Envelope = 4.8 gm Free of Preservatives Calories: 17.14; Fat: 0.72gm; Carbohydrats: 1.25gm; Protein:.0.55gm Produced by kif almosafer factory foodstuffs, K.S.A. Riyadh We Fast Ship From the USA!
Size: 12 sachets
Package quantity: 12
Condition: New

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