Coffee Bean Direct CO2 Decaf Espresso, 2.5 Pound

Don't let the name fool you. These beans also produce a great cup of traditional coffee, whether prepared with a drip or French press. A perfect companion to our Italian Roast Espresso, this decaf shares many of the same rich and robust flavor qualities. This naturally decaffeinated coffee displays a sweet, floral aroma. As an espresso, the cup is moderate in cream and body with a rich, bittersweet chocolate nuance. As a traditionally brewed coffee, the cup is sweetly pungent and subtly fruited with moderate body. The finish is bittersweet and resonating. Unlike most of our decaf coffees, our CO2 Decaf Espresso beans are decaffeinated using a carbon dioxide process originally developed in Germany, as a natural alternative to the methylene chloride process that has become the industry standard.
Dimensions: 380 x 900 x 1340
Size: 2.5 Pound
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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