Tayst Coffee Roaster - ESPRESSO SAMPLERS - Nespresso Compatible Espresso Pods - Fresh, Delicious, Gourmet Coffee, an Aromatic Artisan Blend of the Highest Quality. (Sampler 40 Cups)

Nespresso Compatible Sampler Pack - 40 count THE PERFECT CUP OF COFFEESuperior beans are roasted fresh and cooled slow then portioned into our Nespresso compatible capsules for a supeb espresso experience.Treat Yourself to Tayst Coffee Roasters Variety Pack of 40 Nespresso Compatible Capsules for OriginalLine Discover Espresso Coffee You will Crave. No... seriously, you'll drink it and crave it. EARTH FRIENDLY PACKINGWe're committed to sustainability. We use 100% post- recycled and recyclable materials in our boxes and work to continuely reduce our footprint. Tayst Coffee Roaster will send you our house favorite Nespresso Compatible packs including: 10 Espresso Moriondo: Angelo Moriondo originally patented the espresso machine. In homage of his ingenious invention, we've created this robusta espresso blend offering caramelized notes with lively mouth feel. 10 Espresso Bezzara: Luigi Bezzara created the single-shot espresso to speed up brew time. Sit back and relax with a shot of a complex robusta. Full body, earthy aroma lingering aftertaste. 10 Espresso Pavoni: Pavoni put the espresso machine to the forefront of the coffee culture. Our blended dark roast is an homage to him and offers a rich creamy body, with notes of cocoa. 10 Espresso Achille: Achille Gaggia invented the modern day espresso machine. We invented this intense dark roast, smokey with subtle fruity notes for the modern espresso drinker. LIFE'S TOO SHORT, FOR CRAPPY COFFEE!
Dimensions: 441 x 551 x 1598
Size: Sampler 40 Pods
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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