Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules by ETHICAL COFFEE- DECAFFEINATO - 50 Capsules - 6/10 Intensity

Ethical Coffee Company has been pioneering Nespresso® compatible capsules since 2010. The Ethical Coffee Company Research and Development teams have made a dream come true: capturing the quintessential Italian espresso experience in an environmentally-friendly biodegradable capsule. Whether you prefer the term coffee capsule or coffee pod, this innovative procedure is essential for preserving the flavor of coffee. Our unparalleled extraction technique releases the inimitable taste of authentic espresso into your cup, to be savored, time and time again, in the comfort of your home. Nature gave us the gift of coffee and we have the duty of protecting it by inventing the first ever biodegradable compatible capsule. Primarily made from 100% bio-sourced plant-based fibers, the Ethical Coffee Company capsule degrades itself within 6 months after use in an industrial compost (EN13432 Standard). After use, simply throw the biodegradable capsule out with your household rubbish. With its biodegradable capsule, Ethical Coffee Company has made the choice to safeguarding natural resources and minimizing its impact on the environment. At the core of our philosophy: a plant-based biodegradable Nespresso® compatible capsule. Unlike plastic or aluminium capsules which generate a lot of unnecessary packaging and leave a high carbon footprint, the Ethical Coffee Company capsule is environmentally friendly. Less packaging means less wasted resources, less energy consumption and less greenhouse gases. Savor the taste, guilt-free!
Dimensions: 320 x 760 x 760
Package quantity: 50
Condition: New

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