30 Winter Variety K Cup Pack - Includes Santa's White Christmas, Italian Rum, Maple Sleigh, Winterfest, Tiramisu, Creme Burle, Chocolate Mint and More

You will received the following: 2 Kahlua K Cups, 3 Chocolate Chip Cookie K Cups, 2 Cake Boss Italian Rum K Cups, 3 Barnie's Creme Burle K Cups, 3 Barnies Santa's White Christmas K Cups, 3 Martinson Pumpkin Pie K Cups, 3 Guy Fieri Chocolate Mint K Cups, 3 Hurricane Coconut Fudge K Cups, 2 Victor Allen Caramel K Cups, 3 Martinson Tiramisu K Cups, 3 Martinson Winterfest K Cups
Dimensions: 490 x 640 x 1030
Package quantity: 30
Condition: New

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