NEW! Caffé Cagliari (Nespresso Compatible Capsules) (Crem Espresso, 16 boxes (case))

The Caffè Cagliari tradition dates back to 1895, when Ambrogio Cagliari ventured to Brazil. There he learned the art of coffee selection, roasting, and mixing in Sao Paolo State, where he was worked on one of the most prominent plantations. The Brazilian government sent him to France in 1907 to represent and promote Brazilian coffee in Europe. Driven by passion, he came back to Italy and continued with what he learned in Brazil by opening his first coffee shop in Modena, which was immediately a great success. By the 1930s, Ambrogio Cagliari had opened his first store for selling throughout the province. His unique approach had produced a product that would continue to grow in popularity thanks to the attention to quality. Today, the Cagliari family is an essential part of espresso history. One of only a handful of genuine Italian espressos, they have expanded beyond beans and blends to include a single-serve espresso machine and Nespresso® compatible capsules. Caffé Cagliari is now available in over 45 countries around the world. From roasting to packaging, our coffee is subjected to strict quality controls carried out by tests to check the quality of the in-cup results. Furthermore, microbiological analysis is also performed on samplings of the finished product to further guarantee the quality of Cagliari coffee. We strive to ensure every cup of coffee is more enjoyable than the last for our customers.
Size: 16 boxes (case)
Package quantity: 16
Condition: New

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