Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Fair Trade Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast Whole Bean, 3 Pound

Nicaragua Segovia -It’s a story of delicious organic coffee and environmental sustainability arising from benign neglect. At the beginning of the 21st century, just as the specialty coffee industry was rediscovering Nicaragua's full-bodied, inherently sweet coffees prices plummeted to an all-time low. - Forced to regroup again, farmers were encouraged to add value by organizing into specialty-grade focused cooperatives and fulfill the requirements for Organic and Fair Trade certifications. - Amazingly, this story has a happy ending. PRODECOOP—our principal partner in Nicaragua and exemplar among many fine Nicaraguan cooperatives—by diligently executing the plan has steadily increased the price paid for its coffee, using the proceeds to bringing improved living standards to its growing membership and fund programs in medical care, education and environmental sustainability. We are pleased to bring a piece of their dedication and hard work to your table. Tiny Footprint Coffee -Tiny Footprint was founded in 2010 by a team of specialty coffee artisans as the world’s first carbon negative coffee company. All of our coffees come from select high-altitude Fair Trade cooperatives and farms, third-party certified organic by Onecert. -We roast all of our coffee in our 1960s German built Probat drum roaster retrofitted with the latest fuel-efficient technology to ensure consistent and precise batches every roast. -How are we Carbon Negative? Well, It takes 4 lbs of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 lb of our coffee. For every pound that’s sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to fund reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest. Over time, these trees will remove 54 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere. Tinyfootprintcoffee.com Tiny Footprint Coffee – Mindo Cloudforest Foundation Partnership (MCF) -Our reforestation efforts along the Northwestern Andes of Ecuador help to plant native tree species throughout the Mindo Cloud Forest region in heavily deforested areas. These trees not only sequester massive amounts of carbon from the air, but also provide habitat to hundreds of local bird species, reinforce soil conservation techniques, and rebuild water tables. The Mindo Cloudforest Foundation works directly with local landowners to provide jobs related to the care and redevelopment of the cloud forest. -Beginning in 2008, MCF designed and is executing Ecuador's first and only Verified Carbon Standard validated reforestation project. mindocloudforest.org
Dimensions: 220 x 760 x 980
Size: 3-Pound
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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