Brazil Adrano Volcano Coffee, Green Unroasted Coffee Beans (3 LB)

Volcano Coffee Company is one of Brazil's most unique producers, being located on the side of an ancient volcano and facing the sun perfectly for an intense sunny day and sudden nightfall as the sun drops over the top of the volcano. This produces a high-energy bean that develops fullest flavor in the evening hours. This micro-climate has produced several high-scoring lots in recent years at international cupping competitions. The mix of rainforest soil with volcanic soil is ideal, imparting many of the rich mineral traces that give coffee the unique volcanic profile and flavor that lovers of deep, dark coffee profiles recognize as uniquely compelling. The care taken in processing these beans is world class and exemplary for the industry. These are some of the highest-quality dry process beans we have seen. The Adrano® is a taste profile registered in the USA, Australia and Brazil. It has several ideal roasting times but excels in dark roasts where it produces a compelling buttery aroma and smooth body while boasting a strong attack on the senses that can only come from a high-sugar, large, hard green bean that has been fully ripened in processing.
Dimensions: 260 x 620 x 900
Size: 3 LB
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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