Starbucks House Blend Coffee Keurig Vue Portion Pack, 32 Count

Since Starbucks opened their very first store, they've welcomed coffee lovers with this signature expression of roasting style with wonderful balance, crisp acidity, nut and cocoa flavors, and a touch of sweetness from the roast. The Keurig Vue single-cup brewing system uses a special packaging for coffee, tea and hot cocoa called Keurig Vue portion packs. Each Keurig Vue portion pack is an airtight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light, moisture and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor. Simply insert the no mess Keurig Vue portion pack into the Keurig Vue brewer and hit the brew button for a fresh-brewed, perfect cup of coffee or tea in under a minute. The Keurig Vue brewing system allows you to brew stronger, bigger, and hotter than the traditional Keurig system and the eco-friendly portion packs are also recyclable. Please note that the Keurig Vue portion packs are only compatible with the Keurig Vue brewing system.Servings - 32
Dimensions: 490 x 640 x 940
Size: 32 Count
Package quantity: 2
Condition: New

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