Viante CAF-SP5 Single Serve Espresso Capsule Brewer, Compatible with Nespresso Coffee Capsules

The CAF-SP5 Coffee Machine makes perfect espresso and is fully compatible with Nespresso capsules. The machine comes with two settings, selected by pressing the two LED buttons on the front. One setting is for short espresso shots and the other for Lungo shots. Both are fully programmable so you can select the desired volume of your beverage. Depending on the size of your cups or the size of the beverage you prefer. It also has an automatic stand by mode, low water level automatic cut-off, automatic used capsule collection, drip tray, etc. The water reservoir has 51 fluid/oz. of capacity. Enough for more than 35 espresso shots.
Dimensions: 770 x 1210 x 1440
Color: Gray
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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