Genuine 100% Pure Robusta Wild Civet Coffee Kopi Luwak Java Fresh Roasted Beans 100g / 3.5oz

There are two kinds of Kopi Luwak (civet coffee) based on the civet (luwak) types: 1. Wild Civet Coffee • Kopi Luwak comes from the wild civet. • Civet (luwak) choose the best coffee beans from some coffee tree. As we known Civet is the best animal coffee picker in the world. • The process of coffe bean fermentation in civet's digestive system is running naturally fit in civet habitat. 2. Captive Civet Coffee • Kopi Luwak comes from civet in the cage (captivity). • Civet did not choose for themselves the best coffee beans of any coffee tree, but coffee beans provided by the coffee farmers for food. • The process of fermentation in the civet's digestive system run "less" natural because of the civet did not choose their own food. No cancellation and no refund if the order have shipped. When your order placed and paid, we assume you have read & understand whole the term & condition which describe above.
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