Coffee Distributor Tool - for 58mm Espresso Portafilters - EVENLY DISTRIBUTES COFFEE GROUNDS - Provides Proper Tamping - ADJUSTABLE (58mm, Blue)

Brew like a Barista Champion!!! Brew professionally with Coffee Nebula's premium Distributor. Novice and Pro Barista's alike demand the Coffee Nebula Distributor for their coffee espresso creations. Here's Why: • EVEN DISTRIBUTION OF COFFEE - The distributor allows the coffee grounds be spread out evenly throughout the basket. • BETTER TASTING COFFEE & CONSISTENT RESULTS - The same amount of coffee is distributed in every portion of the basket creating the same amount of resistance resulting in very consistent coffee. • EASY OPERATION - The distributor feels solid. The handle height is adjustable to be used for different doses of espresso grounds or basket depths. • GREAT VALUE - Get more for your money with Coffee Nebula Distributor. It will produce professional results allowing you to enjoy your coffee every time. Buy Now and receive Coffee Nebula's 100% Money-Back Guarantee! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE because Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority. SCROLL UP and CLICK "ADD TO CART"
Dimensions: 170 x 300 x 300
Size: 58mm
Color: Blue
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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