Coffee Tamper Machine,DLAND 57.5mm Diameter Stainless Steel Flat Base Grip Handle Bean Barista Espresso Tamper pressure Kitchen Accessories

Description: Tamping Extracts More Flavour From Coffee Beans Tamping is the process of compacting ground coffee beans in a filter cup before use. Tamping evenly distributes the coffee beans and firmly packs them into the cup. This is needed in order to slow the flow of water through the filter cup, this means that the water will spend more time in contact with the beans (and pass through the beans evenly),Therefore extracting more flavour into your cup. For serious coffee drinkers, a tamper is a must have. NOTE: Check your coffee machine's instruction manual or ask the manufacturer to find out what size tamper will fit your machine. The diameter of this tamper is 2 Inches - please check that this will fit your filter basket before purchasing.
Dimensions: 283 x 323 x 386
Color: 57.5mm Blue
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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