Replacement Tamper Base (standard)

The replacement tamper base for our tamper - helps you perfectly compact coffee for forever! How easily does it happen that the tamper you are using to compress your coffee accidentally falls on the floor? Let's be honest: our glasses, portafilters or other barista accessories just suffer a bit every once in a while. One of the consequences of this can be damage to your tamper base. And that means that your tamping just won't be perfect anymore in the future. This is why we offer replacement tamper bases to quickly swap out the damaged base and bring your tamping back to perfect! They are affordable, made of stainless steel and come in 2 versions: standard and grooved. The latter one is even tighter-fitting than the standard, slightly bevelled tamper base and has suction-release grooves to ensure that no coffee is sucked up the side walls.
Size: standard
Color: Silver
Condition: New

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