2 Box Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee , Organo Gold Black Coffee Organic 100% Certified , Organo Gold Instant Coffee , Organo Gold Black Coffee

WHAT IS IT? Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee is a robust blend that mixes in an instant for a flavorful cup of coffee. No added sugar or creamer, so you can customize your organo gold coffee black however you like. Instant coffee provides antioxidants. This flavorful organo gold instant coffee also contains Ganoderma mushroom which provides a hint of nutty flavor to balance the rich, bold and smooth flavor of this coffee. KEY INGREDIENTS Coffee - one of the most popular beverage in the world. Organo Gold uses a strong, easy to mix instant coffee that is bold and flavorful. Portable and convenient to carry, for on the go instant coffee benefits. At the same time Organo Gold black coffee organic is 100% Certified! DID YOU KNOW? Organo Gold Black Coffee has many benefits. It has been studied due to its antioxidant and nutrient profiles. Several studies have showed that instant coffee can be higher in antioxidants compared to other brew methods. Coffee contains: - Chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant compound that is the major phenol in coffee. - Quinic acid, an antioxidant/phytochemical that contributes to the acidic taste of coffee. It is also found in apples, peaches, and other plants/foods. - Cafestol, an ingredient that is lower in instant coffee than in French Press coffee. HOW TO USE ORGANO GOLD GOURMET COFFEE Empty 1 sachet of organo gold coffee into your favorite cup, fill with hot water, stir, and enjoy! Can also be mixed, cooled, and served with ice for a cool coffee treat. 6 oz. (170 mL) - Rich and flavorful 8 oz. (225 mL) - Smooth and creamy 10 oz. (285 mL) - Light and flavorful
Dimensions: 350 x 500 x 800
Size: 8.26 *3.74*2.55
Color: Black
Package quantity: 30
Condition: New

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