Coffee Ground Measuring Kitchen Utensil – Basket EZmeasure Insert

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EZmeasure Insert is used with the standard basket style coffee ground filter or holder of your coffee maker. 1. Fill coffee maker with water to desired amount of cups to be brewed. 2. Insert the EZmeasure into the coffee filter or holder. 3. Pour coffee grounds into the EZmeasure to the desired mark that is equivalent to the cups of water in the coffeemaker. (i.e. mark 8 on the EZmeasure is equivalent to 8 coffee cups) 4. Lift out the EZmeasure leaving the coffee grounds in the filter or holder. Tips There are variables because of how the coffee is ground, either fine or coarse. Some prefer strong coffee and others prefer weak coffee. Standard measuring guideline for coffee grounds to water is 2 tbsp of coffee grounds for every 6oz of water or 1 coffee cup. The EZmeasure Insert measuring lines are equivalent to 2 tbsp of coffee grounds per coffee cup or 6oz of water. Use the EZmeasure Insert as a guideline. If you prefer weaker coffee then pour your coffee grounds to a lower line. For example use line 4 on the EZmeasure Insert when brewing 6 coffee cups. Once you find your desired taste, the EZmeasure Insert is the fastest guideline to brew your daily coffee. EZmeasure Insert Care: EZmeasure Insert is very easy to clean, simply shake off any coffee ground residue. It is dishwasher friendly but many users prefer to hand wash only; dish washers or water temperature above 180° may damage or diminish the life of the EZmeasure Insert. The EZmeasure Insert is made of clear polypropylene. Its approximate dimensions are 3.25" in height with holding tab, 4.5" for the open top diameter, and 3" for the open bottom diameter. It should not be stored where it stays in contact with coffee, tea, or food. (i.e. coffee bags or containers.)
Dimensions: 325 x 450 x 450
Color: Clear
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